Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Way I See It

Concerning the lack of update for the past few months, I realize that I spend too much time completing various kind of tasks. There are like thousand of stories that I want to share, but very little time. In spite of everything that has transcended, at the moment I feel incompetent of penning down any recent endeavors following my very brief hiatus. What so called students life seems so real when Final Year Project (FYP) comes into our life without any invitation card.

Despite the laziness syndrome that is so attached to me, I somehow tries to write something in this very plain and humble blog.

Today, I woke up to my usual alarm phone and realizing that the date of this very day is January 18, which is special indeed. 59 years ago, Abah is seeing this world for a very first time. Well, it matters not how we refer them to as; Abah, Ayah, Abi, Papa or Dad, if Mom was my first love after Allah and Rasul, Abah would indefinitely be the next person that I would give my love, my respect and my honor to. Happy Birthday, Abah!

This post somehow is a little melancholy. The more I remember the past, the harder for me to control the emotions. I don't think I can write the things that I want to write at the first place. No matter how much I try to look things from a bright side, it ended up quite the opposite. I know that as for now I have to say goodbye to the past chapter of my life, and looking forward for what comes next. But it doesn't mean that the past is forgotten. We let go so we can move on with this life. Once in a while, we have to look back, for in the past holds the lesson that we needed the most.

After all, life is too short to be anything but happy. Kembali gembira (^_^)

heh, Luffy (^_^)