Saturday, May 5, 2012

On Reading and Writing

Assalamualaikum, hi!

I think I've mentioned this before, that I love writing as much as I love reading. I'm a book lover. Dulu. Kini. Selamanya. Cause I love reading so much that I started to write some 'meaningful' story or any life journal for that matter. But somehow at some point in life, I kind of getting reluctant to write any critical post here in this humble blog. Not to mention the laziness of finishing yet another book in the collection. I blame my inability to write due to my inability to fight my tiredness due to everyday endeavor. Deep down in my heart, I just know that I'm making yet another excuse. 

In a nutshell, reading and writing are just part of my life since, forever, and they have taught me a lot of important life lessons along the way. Ignoring these habits doesn't make me any happier. And even worse, it puts me in a mindset where I'm not thinking about the world and what happened to it. It just the worst feeling ever. The fact that I am living in one part of the world but had no idea what happened on the other part of the land, it saddened me. 

For that reason, I have to find a way to reattach myself with reading and writing activities. It just by doing so that I will remember to be grateful for everything that I have. It just by doing so that I will thank Allah for not giving me all the things that I want, but providing me with all the things that I need. It just by doing so that I will strive to be a better khalifah of Allah SWT. We sometimes forget of the way we view matters in life. Our perceptions become heavily biased unconsciously by our own prejudice. It just with knowledge that we can actually become a better person. What lies inside the books and other quality reading material are genuine. To read and then write teach me to express my views on certain issues and make my stand on some other matters. It gives me space to reflect on what position should I hold in this world. 

My wishes are for each and everyone of us to be blessed with a fair share of ups and downs, with the hope that during those days riches our lives and transforms us to be better individuals. With the hope that during those days reminds us to turn to Allah by reading the BEST of BOOK in the universe, Al-Quran. InshaAllah. May Allah bless us all  

Ya Allah, comelnya Danbo. Even Danbo reads Quran ^^