Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Final Exam Feveeeeerrrrrr!!!!!!!

Every New Semester:

After First Week:

After Second Week:

Before the Mid-Term Test:

During the Mid-Term Test:

After the Mid-Term Test:

Before the Final Exams:

Once Get to Know the Final Exam Schedule:

7 Days Before the Final Exam:

6 Days Before the Final Exam:

5 Days Before the Final Exam: image

4 Days Before the Final Exam: image

3 Days Before the Final Exam: image

2 Days Before the Final Exam: image

1 Day Before the Final Exam: image

The Night Before the Final Exam: image

1 Hour Before the Final Exam: image

During the Final Exam: image

Once Walk Out From the Examination Hall: image

After the Final Exam, During the Holiday: image

Very very funny and very very true... at least for me =)
I got it from Farah's tumblr and Farah took it from someone else blog and that someone else perhaps took it from another person n bla bla bla... haha (^_^)

Sorry, almost crazy due to workload :'(

All the best kawan-kawan! gambatte kudasai!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Growing Up at The Speed of Light - Part II

As far as my memories would serve - I was born a baby, was a teen and now an adult. Or am I still an innocent young teen? That sounds good! Well, I just turns 22. Alhamdulillah... Friends and family wish me "Selamat Hari Jadi", but sometimes I wonder, selamat pulakah hari matiku? A simple question yet requiring an intricate answer.

It's been nearly 694 million seconds 200,000 hours 264 months 8000 days (so I love calculation, enough said) since I realized that I am proud to have been blessed with the childhood I had, even if at times I wanted to grow up very fast. I'm passing my gratitude to God Almighty for all the blessings He has bestowed in my life. Thank you Allah (^_^)

Well, back to the current situation, guess the pictures explain everything. Here it goes:

p.s: Hati sila kuat, semangat jangan hilang dan fizikal diharap sihat. May Allah bless us all~

Till then,
Wassalam =)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Growing Up at The Speed of Light

I know that it's been quite soundless for sometime. I mean the blog. Me? I talk whenever I have the chance. Not that I lost the enthusiasm to write, it's just that time has been running real fast. And I'm not a good runner. At least from my point of view. Well, I'm still around and kicking. Just that things has been quite hectic since the past few weeks and not to mention, plain laziness... let's not forget that.

There are just so many things I want to write, but so little time. Where should I start? Bismillah...

After what so called the best days of student life, of course holiday... the last cuti raya was the best ever. But after that, life is back under construction, which includes degree life, of course =)

Ohh, looking at the time. I guess that I still have 3 minutes to finish this entry. So that is like 180 seconds. At least the number is bigger.

Back to the main interest here, err... forget the interest. I'm seriously running out of time. CS lab will be starting about... about now.

to be continue...