Friday, October 8, 2010

Growing Up at The Speed of Light

I know that it's been quite soundless for sometime. I mean the blog. Me? I talk whenever I have the chance. Not that I lost the enthusiasm to write, it's just that time has been running real fast. And I'm not a good runner. At least from my point of view. Well, I'm still around and kicking. Just that things has been quite hectic since the past few weeks and not to mention, plain laziness... let's not forget that.

There are just so many things I want to write, but so little time. Where should I start? Bismillah...

After what so called the best days of student life, of course holiday... the last cuti raya was the best ever. But after that, life is back under construction, which includes degree life, of course =)

Ohh, looking at the time. I guess that I still have 3 minutes to finish this entry. So that is like 180 seconds. At least the number is bigger.

Back to the main interest here, err... forget the interest. I'm seriously running out of time. CS lab will be starting about... about now.

to be continue...