Sunday, September 5, 2010

That Day I Will Remember...

It felt like yesterday when I last updated my blog with an exciting post regarding the 1st Ramadhan. Without even realizing it, time indeed flies. Muslims are within the last three days of Ramadhan.

There I was all by myself, supplicating earnestly in my du'a, praying that Allah allows me to reach yet another Ramadhan next year. There is no guarantee though. As one becomes more uncertain as to whether he/she gets to live for yet another day. We all know that death can come to us at any point of time and without any preceding signs. This remind me of what happened last week.

19 Ramadhan 1431H

My heart wrenched with sheer sadness having heard that my grandmother (we all call her embah) has passed on. I received the news just after my E.M exam. Shocked, but quickly gripped my spirit between sadness and relief. There I was at a corner inside my room, wiping over my tears. For such loss, never forget to say "Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiuun', reminding ourselves that we all belong to Allah and it is to Him indeed that we shall return.

Embah peacefully sighed her last breath at about 2:30pm on the 19th of Ramadhan. May Allah bestow His bless upon her.

Farewell my dear grandma, rest in peace until the day we all shall meet again.

In life, there will definitely be a day when you might fall down. You cried because you have a cut on your knee, or that the ankle is bruising up. But it isn't the injury or the nature in which you fell that matters, but it is how you get up from it.

And that, is the character of STRENGTH. To get up, when you have fallen down. To cry over something that saddens you is a mercy which Allah puts in the hearts of His servants. And verily Allah shows mercy to those of His servants who are merciful. InshaAllah.