Friday, July 15, 2011

Mission Accomplished

It’s July 15 and perhaps is the best-sad-excited kind of day. I don’t know how to put it in a proper word. Of course, it’s the last day of my Engineering Industrial Training (EIT). Alhamdulillah.. I’m grateful for a lot of thing. I’m now taking a pause, it has been such a hectic days during my final week of industrial training. Yet mission accomplished. I can now smile ear to ear. Hiiiii...


I’ve been offered a position, for the third times I guess. The manager personally asked about my interest of working here and be part of SG family. Thank you is the least I can say. I’m not declining for sure. At this moment of time, on the fourth year of studies, you really have to consider all the offers, the contacts, the connections and are always in touch with the industry. And at the same time, keep hunting for the best interest job. Then, you can have several choices and make the best preference out of it.


Because of too many memories, I can never finish writing even after two days. But the one that capture my heart is always people’s kindness and tolerance. For the mistakes and faults, they criticize professionally, so there’s no “injured” heart. For the task done and correct method used, they thanked sincerely. All in all, it was the best sweet-sour experience with its own motivation and uniqueness. Alhamdulillah.

Goodbye SG!


Let me say firstly Alhamdulillah all praise to Allah SWT, the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate, for His guidance and blessing for giving me the sprit, strength and patience to complete this training. In ease and difficult, He is always with me. I hereby would like to express my gratitude to those that contribute to this training, directly or indirectly. Also to Kak Ija, for the shirt and baju kurung. It’s so sweet of you. Thank you thank you thank you! Ni dah macam final report yang part Acknowledgement.


I’m just taking a break for two days for the reason that on July 18, no matter how, I have to be in UIA for 3P registration. And the course starts on the next day, July 19. I hope everything went well. InshaAllah. And yup, two days seem short but so what? It’s not like I have any choice to make. Nevertheless, I’m grateful. Hehe.. ;)


I’ve written a long one here. I am supposed to be packing my bags yet I am still writing this. I am off packing now. May Allah bless all of us and our endeavours too.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Antara Sedih dan Gembira

Empat hari telah berlalu selepas perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 di ibu negara. Kehangatannya masih lagi dirasa hingga saat ini. Semoga apa yang diperjuangkan mendapat redha dan rahmat dari Allah. Tiga hari selepas Bersih 2.0, saya akhirnya mendaftar sebagai pengundi yang sah. Dua tahun yang lepas, selepas umur mencecah 21 tahun, saya selalu teragak-agak untuk mendaftar. Dua tahun tanpa keputusan yang kemas dan yakin. Tak sangka Bersih 2.0 mengubah persepsi dan pendirian selama ini. Alhamdulillah untuk kesedaran dan kefahaman. Mengharapkan tanggungjawab memilih pemimpin dapat digalas dengan sempurna. InshaAllah.

Masa terus berlalu. Time indeed flies, when one is laborious. Masa berterbangan. Dua hari saja lagi untuk mengucapkan selamat tinggal Synergistic Generation Sdn Bhd. Tempat yang memberi makna pada alam pekerjaan. Satu lagi fasa hidup selepas fasa sebagai pelajar. Kehidupan sebagai practical trainee semakin hampir ke penghujung. Masih ingat kata-kata Manager lebih kurang begini;

Bos: Betul ke saya dengar awak last minggu ni?

Me: Memang sangat betul. InshaAllah July 15 habis.

Bos: Saya rasa cepat sangatla Farihan, kalau saya gagalkan awak kali ni, awak bolehla extend practical kan?

Me: Saya harap bos tak serius.

Bos: Takpe.. nanti ingatkan saya buat party sikit kat ofis.

Heh.. Alhamdulillah bos tak serius perkara nak extend practical tu. Dalam ketidaksabaran dan keterujaan untuk menamatkan industrial training ni, ada juga sisi sedihnya. Yelah, dalam setiap yang terang itu ada sisi gelapnya. Tiga bulan bekerja bersama, stay back bersama, solve problem bersama, penat bersama, bekerja dibawah satu bumbung yang sama, jadi bukan mudah to say goodbye.

And I was not attached to material things. I was attached to people. I was attached to moments. I was attached to emotions.

Semoga setiap pengalaman sepanjang tiga bulan di bumi Shah Alam ini memberi dimensi hidup yang lebih baik dan memberi pengajaran yang pastinya takkan ada di dalam mana-mana kelas atau lecture hall. Places to go list (add on). Tiba-tiba. Here goes:

Istanbul (especially Blue Mosque)

Mekah (of course)

Melbourne (I don’t know why)

Itali (the culture)

Japan (the manner and technology)

Manchester (for M.U definitely)

Sorry for the “out of topic” script. Cuma tiba-tiba rasa nak pergi to these places at the other part of the world. Semoga segala impian tercapai. Ameen. As always, till we meet again. May Allah bless.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Being Emotional. Hahaha!!

Alala.. kecil-kecil lagi dah pandai beremosi.

Love this cartoon way too much. Isk.. :'(

This is tooooo sweet. Subhanallah =)

Last but by no means least, till we meet again. Daaaa..

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pedestrian? I Am.

Due to this Engineering Industrial Training or famously known as EIT, I have become a dedicated yet fragile pedestrian for nearly three months. Instead of whining, I’d rather be grateful. Seriously, if I have to compile what I’ve been through while holding the title “pedestrian”, I guess I can make a book out of it. Ok maybe I was exaggerating, but really it was the whole different horizon yet charming depending on the way you look at it.


Every morning is always a surprise for me. It can be a beautiful morning with chilly morning breeze or it can be gloomy with unexpected heavy rain. Most of the times, it was a soothing and tranquil morning and I love it just the way it is. But the sky is not forever bright. There are times when the steps are heavy, because of the weather, yet it is inevitable. At times like that I have to say that I pray the most. Keep asking for Allah’s favour to stop the rain for a while, or at least to make it less heavy. Many times, it works. And I think it was too awesome to be true. But it’s really true. Pray and Allah will definitely hear you. No doubt.

There are also times, when I became a serious observer. I observe almost everything that I saw along the way. Impatient drivers, obstinate pedestrians, big truck with high speed, hasty motorcyclist, etc. Other than that frustrating sight, I appreciate the beautiful, gorgeous nature with stunning view. I appreciate the blue sky, the stand alone trees, the gaze from the birds, and the fresh air. If you analyzed the details of the nature, you’ll be stunned. At least I am. Everything is so details, very meticulous.

I’ve been studying Robotics last semester, even making robots before, for competition purpose. Making robot, and to make it move not freely but accordingly, to make it responsible for the task not irresponsible, to make it walk peacefully not hysterically, it’s sincerely tough. At some point, I have the thought of giving up. But of course I’m not. I have a bunch of “crazy” friends. The idea of separating with them is enough to make me cheerless. So I keep going.

That is why, comparing the robots that we are making with the characters from nature, it always catch me by surprise. The birds fly high without any power supply attached to it, that small ants even have that much energy to climb up the tree, and not falling, and of course without any IC appended. And the list goes on and on.

Awwww... ;)


Hmm... there are many actually. But the ones I can never forget is when I’ve been nearly hit by a reckless motorcyclist, also being scared by a stranger that is “kind” enough to give me a ride and not to forget, being frightened by my own colleague and supervisor. Well these two co-workers cum engineers at my working place are on their way for early dinner when they see me walking peacefully. I was on the way home. From my back, I can hear a guy with Indian or Bangladesh slang offering a ride. I was so petrified that I speed up my steps. Huh, but to no avail when they shout my name, I knew I’ve been tricked.

When I was in the car, they can’t stop laughing. So am I. I can’t believe that I can’t recognize their voice at the first place. But the slang is so real. Thumbs up for that. So I’ve reached home safe and sound. Alhamdulillah. But the journey for home was funny. Heh ;)

Huwaaa... (yawning). I just write this little yet I feel so sleepy. I can’t tolerate these heavy eyes. So I’m gonna stop here. Till we meet again. Wan an! Good night!