Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kita kawan selama-lamanya...InsyaAllah~

Dedicated to sahabat-sahabat yang banyak berjasa :

Each and every one of us has our own commitments and responsibilities. But still, when sadness fills your heart, and tears well up in your eyes, friends will always be by your side. In sickness and in health, in despair and happiness. They will always care. How will I be able to pay their kindness? Question that I’m not be able to answer. But as long as I can breath, as long as my mind can remember, as long life this, I will always pray for them. Because, that is what friends are made for, to remember, to care, and to pray for good. Definitely. InsyaAllah.

" Antara 2 cinta yang ingin kumiliki,
cinta insan dan cinta Ilahi...
pasti yang utama cinta Ilahi,
kerana cintaNya cinta hakiki.
Antara 2 insan yang ingin kumiliki,
kekasih hati dan sahabat sejati...
pasti yang utama sahabat sejati,
kerana keluhurannya bisa mengubat hati yang luka.
Persahabatan remains 'abadan 'abada."


till then, lots of luv, Wassalam,

Siti Farihan Mansor.