Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Untuk Kawan Dari Kawam

This is specially for you, whose name is not mentioned, but you’ll know this is for you. To you sis, friend, university mate, course mate, classmate, sahabat, kawan, teman, I would say “Congratulation in advance!” Last nite conversation was ruined. Well, you know my phone’s behaviour. Always running out of battery. Tanpa mengira orang tu tengah excited nak dengar cerita ke apa. Main mati je tanpa toleransi. Sigh. Btw I know this news is inevitably coming, but it never fails to catch me by surprise. Somehow I reminiscing our conversation with one of our respected lecturer’s student, yang foreigner tu, mesti ingat kan? Yang siap bagi advice lagi kat kita dua orang on the way back to campus. Alhamdulillah finally it’s really comes true. I’m pretty much sure that you will change your status before me. Hehe... I’m pleased and glad and contented and happy and yang sewaktu dengannya. Like seriously. I am excited for you. Cewah, orang lain yang nak ehem ehem... kita pulak yang nak excited. So what kan? ;)

Waiting for real good news soooon... when everything is plan and fix. Pada waktu tu baru boleh share dengan semua geng kita. Baru seronok. Again terlebih excited. Maafkan. Last but by no means least, barakallahu fik! Rasa nak nyanyi lagu Maher Zain pulak, yang tajuk dia Barakallah.

p.s: Semuanya generally written kan? I don’t think anyone can tell. The secret is safe. This post is written last night right after our last conversation yang unexpectedly stopped. Tapi pagi ni baru nak publish. During office hour lagi. Selamba je. ;)