Saturday, August 11, 2012

I am Sam

Assalamualaikum, hi!

Yesterday was Friday. So like every Friday after work, memang akan dramatically run for the car. Nak kejar iftar dan Maghrib. Farah dah tunggu dalam kereta while I'm still in the lab, being stopped and questioned by Senior Engineer regarding some bring up drive program. Since its Friday, so it's kind of predicted to be stuck in the traffic congestion. Having that in mind, I did tried my best to explain everything that I've been working on that day in an extremely fast pace. I was in a rush. I think that Senior Engineer noticed that so he just let me go. I'm sorry man but its Friday and we need to break fast. By the time I got in the car, its 6.45. 

Even though it's expected that we cannot make it in time for break fasting, but it's still kind of sad to break fast on highway. I didn't really brought any food and both of us left our mineral water at home. Good thing Farah brought a yogurt bar. It just one piece and we split it by two. Thanks to Farah that I got to break fast in time.  Every single little thing is a blessing.

I don't know why. Semua cerita di atas tak kena mengena dengan tajuk pun. I wonder why I wrote it in the first place. LOL. Never mind. I just wanted to mention that, by the time I reached home, its already late at night. And before I go to bed, I watched this all time favorite movie I am Sam. The last time I remembered watching this movie was during Form 1 if I'm not mistaken. And like 12 years ago, this movie never fail to make me think and reflect and last but not least, cries a river. Sometimes my emotions catch me by surprise.

This scene made me smile.
One emotional scene here.
Sam: You've grown. 
Lucy: Have I? 
Sam: Yeah, 'cause your ears are bigger and your eyes are older.

This one too... heartbreaking.
SamLucy belongs with me.
Rita: Why?
Sam: OK, remember when Paul McCartney wrote the song "Michelle" and then he only wrote the first part, Annie said. And then he gave that part to John Lennon, and he wrote the part that said, "I love you, I love you, I love you." And Annie said that it wouldn't have been the same song without that... and that's why the whole world cried when the Beatles broke up on April 10, 1970. 
p.s: I was like, what an answer!

Same goes to this one. Touched.

This part of the movie is so emotional too. It's when Lucy just stop reading. 
Lucy: I won't read the word! 
Sam: I'm your father and I'm telling you to read the word. Cause I can tell you to because I'm your father. 
Lucy: I'm stupid. 
Sam: You are not stupid! 
Lucy: Yes, I am. 
Sam: No, you are not stupid 'cause you can read that word. 
Lucy: I don't wanna read it if you can't. 
Sam: No, because it makes me happy! It makes me happy hearing you read. Yeah, it makes me happy when you're reading. 
Lucy: [Lucy reads again

This one is freaking funny. 
Joe: Do we get a balloon with these? 
Shoe Salesman: ...Yeah 
Robert: All of us or just her? 
At the end, everyone got balloon.

So I would say, parenting is never easy. Parents sometimes question their decisions and actions ever day. It just became tougher for single mother or father. It can be challenging sometimes to put emotions aside and make decisions that are best for children. It is definitely NOT easy. So when things get tough, just remember what is important, that we all love each other. I learned this from my mom though. She is my everything ❤ 

I still have lots to write, but its getting late. So for now, night and wassalam. Have a meaningful and blessed Ramadhan. (^_^)

p.s: pictures and quotes (I am Sam) courtesy of Pak Cik google.