Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mechatronics Girlfriends.

Yesterday was amazing. Eating way too much and laughing much too. I’m grateful for the rezki and the open house invitations. Thanks for the inviters. It’s really tiring, yet I’m having real fun with the girlfriends. We are from the same department, from the same class, and we even have the same brain cords. You girls are real friends, I would say. Even Blair and Serena in Gossip Girls don’t ‘gossip’ and share things like we do.

Hoping that this friendship will lasts till we met again in the Jannah. InshaAllah. Please don’t forget me even some of you girls have married and have kids in the future. As for me, no worries cause I love you girls more than I love food. People said things change and friends leave. Hope we are not like that. We are one in a million and we are cool like that. Thanks for the memories!

p.s: don’t be touched :’(